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Turnaround times

At StudioDent we realise that in the business of dentistry time and fast delivery is of the essence, nonetheless quality must not be compromised. Having this in mind, we can guarantee delivery of your case within 9-10 working days. For instance, if we receive a case in the lab on Monday, we will process it with the utmost care and ship it on Wednesday of the following week, so you will receive it on Thursday or Friday the latest.

Remake policy

Due to the high quality standards that we maintain at our facility, remakes will be very rare, if any. Nonetheless, if the issue arises, we will reconstruct your case free of charge unless one of the following circumstances have taken place:
  1. Upon beginning of the case, we expressed doubts about the quality of the impression and preparation but received instructions from you to complete the work.
  2. We requested a try-in for the case, and you did not accept.
  3. There has been additional preparation of the abutment teeth.
  4. A different type of restoration to the failed one is required by you(different materials)
  5. There is a change in the desired shade.
  6. The restoration fits the master cast properly.
  7. We haven’t received the back the previous restoration and master cast.
  8. The restoration has not been inserted right upon delivery, as changes in tissues and tooth mobility may occur.
  9. For anterior cases, we haven’t received a model to serve as a guide for shape, length of teeth etc(for instance a model of the provisionals).

Warranty policy

As we possess a powerful passion for dental technology, we strive to be successful in every case in order to meet the requirements of our customers and of course patients. The technical expertise of our staff and the quality assurance policy we follow help us eliminate mistakes and guarantee for the fuctional and aesthetic outcome of our restorations, as well as for their longevity.
For our fixed restorations we offer a five year warranty and for our removable restorations one year warranty, after delivery and prompt insertion in the mouth.


Our partnership with you is very valuable to us and forming reliable professional bonds is a top priority in order to be successful. Therefore, during the first two months of collaborating with our lab it will be required by us to receive the full amount which is due for each order, before it can be released and sent back to you. As soon as we receive your parcel we will email you a “request for payment” invoice. Once the payment has been settled, we will proceed with the cases and release them from our lab.
Past the period of two months, when the partnership has been established, you will be required to settle the full amount of your account at the end of each month.
Contact us for available means of payment.


We work with all major shipping companies to ensure you receive your parcels on the date that has been agreed. However, it is our concern to secure the best price for you in order to reduce costs.
The charge by the shipping company will be included in our invoice.

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