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Dental technology our laboratory uses

Dental technology evolves rapidly nowadays and following evolution is a prerequisite for success. In our lab, it is a main part of our philosophy to adopt new and advanced technological concepts in order to maintain the success rate of our restorations at a very high level and to be even more productive at the same time. Moreover, the quality and reliability of materials that are being used play a crucial role in the achievement of the desired outcome in aesthetic and functional terms, thus we have chosen to work with acknowledged brands which have proven to be trustworthy in the dental field.
Our technical expertise, along with our craftmanship , our professionalism and passion for dental technology, accompanied by modern day equipment are the keys to guaranteeing the delivery of beautiful, lifelike and long lasting restorations to your office.
Metal frameworks
The frameworks of our fixed restorations are constructed utilizing entirely CAD/CAM technologies, all in-house, to ensure quality inspection.
CAD/CAM technology has been a major breakthrough in prosthetic Dentistry in recent years. Now with the use of selective laser melting (SLM) and CNC 5axes milling, we are capable of producing metal frameworks that exhibit a more precise fit and a more homogeneous structure compared to that of traditional casting techniques. You can have a read below on the following studies regarding CAD/CAM frameworks.
Zirconia frameworks
Zirconia has definitely been a revolutionary material as it comprises very high flexural strength and tooth like appearance due to its color. The ability it has given to dental professionals to fabricate long span bridges has given them valuable solutions to aesthetically demanding cases. Latest developments in zirconia technology include cubic zirconia, a much more translucent material, comparable to lithium disilicate. Staining zirconia at a pre-sintered stage as well as at a post sintered stage has improved the aesthetic potential of Zr restorations, reducing value when necessary and increasing chroma.
In our lab we have invested in zirconia milling machines since a decade ago, as we believe it is a material suitable for many indications.
It needs to be noted that zirconia is a material which requires thorough knowledge regarding framework design parameters, processing methods, ceramic cooling rates etc. In Studiodent, we have conquered the learning curve of the material and can guarantee for successful zirconia crowns and bridges.
You may read a few information about the characteristics of zirconia here.

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