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Our vision and history

Here at Studiodent, our vision is to offer high quality dental restorations across Europe at a revolutionary price. The demand for effective and aesthetic dental treatment in wealthy countries is high, and dental clinics offering these services need reliable lab partners to achieve their goals. Having this in mind, we strive to make every case successful, in terms of aesthetics and function, always of course in fast turnaround times. You are one case away from finding out!

How can my clinic benefit from collaborating with your lab?

  • Patient satisfaction. Every case is treated and checked with the same quality standards, leaving no room for failure.
  • Reduced chairtime and number of appointments. The manufacturing process and the standards mentioned above allow us to avoid try-ins (always depending on the case) thus reducing chairtime for you and your staff. Don’t forget, time is money!
  • Competitive pricing. High quality dental lab products can be a lot more competitive in terms of price. You will receive equal or better restorations compared to the ones you receive from your home town lab, and pay significantly less thus increasing your practice’s profit!
  • Fast turnaround times. We realize that your patients want to have their treatment complete as soon as possible. We can cope with high volumes and send your cases back as agreed, making no compromises.
  • Continuous support through your case. Some cases are more difficult than others and require good communication between the dentist and the dental technician. We are always available to discuss your case with you and answer all your questions!
Curriculum vitae – Panos Mavromatis

Panos Mavromatis was awarded with a BSc Honours degree in Dental technology from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008. During his stay in the UK he worked in the fields of fixed and removable prosthodontics in successful commercial laboratories such Phenix Dental Castings in Exeter.
Since his return in Athens he has been working closely with his father, Vassilis Mavromatis, a technician considered a mentor nationwide, and has acquired in detail the principles and secrets of successful dental technology.
He has participated in numerous hands-on and theoretical courses in Greece and abroad and has visited an abundance of dental companies for educational purposes such as VITA, Ivoclar-Vivadent, Sirona, Bego, Anaxdent, Heraeus-Kulzer, Creation CC and plenty more.
He is a partner of the postgraduate department of Prosthodontics of Dental school of Athens and is lecturing on topics related to implant Prosthodontics and all-ceramic restorations. Following evolution in the dental field, his latest interest has been to integrate and expand CAD/CAM technology applications in the workflow of his commercial laboratory.

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